With the automatic stock synchronization of the e-commerce management of Dolibarr this risk is avoided. Orders received via e-commerce reserve the ordered products (pending the preparation of the orders) so that they are not sold at the counter, and a counter sale puts the quantity available on the site automatically up to date to avoid selling online, products that are no longer available.
The contributions of Dolibarr’s e-commerce management

For the trader, using the Click&collect requires a good organization, because there are two sources of sales: the e-commerce site and the counter. Product availability management must be rigorous so as not to disappoint customers.

The requirements

Shop attendance is more fluid: many shoppers are discouraged when they see a queue at a checkout. The assurance that the desired product is available, it is frustrating to move for a purchase and to realize on the spot that the product is no longer available. We maintain the buyer-seller relationship, the possibility of asking for clarifications, advice at the time of the reception of the products.

Simple, practical and efficient. Simple because the customer can place his order from his favorite tool, screen, tablet, portable. Convenient: They don’t have to move around to order a product, Efficient: Shoppers receive orders even during their closing hours.

Its advantages
The Click&collect is an anglicism to describe a way to use e-comemrce in connection with a physical store. Concretely the customer uses an e-commerce site to place his order then he passes in the shop to recover his purchases. The Click&collect combines online commerce and counter sales.

opencart order management with Dolibarr
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Doliwoocommerce Demo online
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