A complete system

Doliwoocommerce, the Woocommerce version of Dolibarr's e-commerce management includes several functions to meet the daily needs of e-merchants and to implement the principle: Sell with Woocommerce, and manage the business with Dolibarr.

It includes the two-way Dolibarr Woocommerce synchronization functions. They ensure product management (stocks, availability), customer management, order management.

The system also includes logistics functions for order processing in the Dolibarr ERP / CRM : preparation, picking, packing, labeling, documents for greater safety and efficiency in daily tasks.

Parcels Tracking functions make it possible to follow the delivery of packages to the customer from the ERP / CRM

Supply Chain Management (SCM) functions offer tools to keep your product catalog up to date using data available from your suppliers (adding new references to the catalog, updating prices and product data, etc.) and allow better estimation of replenishment needs

Finally, CRM customer relationship functions integrate contacts into Dolibarr's prospecting database, and provide tools to recontact them to transform them into customers.

Online demo

You can test all of this for yourself on our demo https://ecomcloud.tiaris.eu .

We periodically organize webinars, contact us to be notified of the next dates Request access to the demo

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